Muhammad Rahat Ali Hashmi

Today, had an opportunity of attending the most standardized religious/spiritual institution i.e. The Jamia tus Saqafatul Islamia. Visited the classes and delightfully witnessed the teenagers/youngsters busy in Memorization &  Recitation.  The students with all discipline, manners, etiquettes were reciting their respective subjects.  Tutors were  all the more attentive and thoughtful.   The institution, alongwith administrial arrangements, the rooms with acute neatness were  reflecting a very fascinating/alluring impression.

All business, matters, of the Statistical Deptt. are being carried out  through Computerized System.  Over all the management and modus-operandi is satisfactory. Ever since its creation/inception, this institution remains in the hands and supervision of the most mannered, religiously cautious/conscious dexterous dedicated personnel who themselves possess love and affection for delivering the spiritual, knowledgeable services.

Setting-up of further Deptts. Sections  for children and Deptt. of Dars-e-Nizami for women under the title As-Saqafa Skill Development Institute is under-way.

The education of memorization, recitation of Quran and education upto Primary level, are being simultaneously given. The present/new era eduction upto high level is also aimed to start.  May Allah help the institution further augmentation and success in its all aims and objectives with competency and proficiency and motivate the well wishers to extend apparent means, ways, supports, donations.  AAMIN.