About Us

All praises and gestations for he  (The ample/alone Omnipotent ALLAH), who created the cosmos and best humble gratitudes, thanks and whole-hearted sentiments and wishes to the last prophet, who established the justice,  truth, peace, harmony & tranquility.

Relation and connection has great role in act and practices e.g. as a matter of creation whole cosmos seems same. However because of connections/relations some one have superiority and some one inferiority. For example, Scholar, Father his descendant, teacher and pupil, functionaries President of country, general public or otherwise, they are understood and have their identity or place as per their relation/connections. Order, directives, acts and deeds in practice areas same, but when those are given by specific dignitary, those are considered as inevitiable Order, Sunna, Hadith, pure or impure allowed or disallowed.   Another instance ! a sleeper is a regular sleeper but when it is in the feet of prophet, it is held in fortune and reverence and called sacred sleeper and the devout/devotees keep it in their minds and hearts.

There is no relation which is above than the relation of Allah. Quran has irrevocable relation with Allah.  According to Hadith, Quran has the greatest priority, supermacy on all speeches or conversations as similar as Allah enjoys on all.  At the start of this Hadith it is said, those exhaustively engaged in recitation of Quran, if could not lay their begging hands before  me,  I will bestow them more than those who have laid their begging hands before me.

Another Hadith says, who recites one word of Quran, he will be reimbursed one blessing equal to ten blessings.

A child having recited thousands of Quranic words may have this fortune and also other minor or major may have similar blessings till doomsday and proven to be a member of reforms and qualities and help prosper their families and societies, which acts, ethics and manners are the very basic purpose and need of life.  Think about ! What should be the outcome of this fortunate recitation, if thousands of people do this.

To achieve this sound and invincible aims and objectives, we ventured to create this institution.

Considering our  aspiration and intentions, one renowned construction company, on 24/12/1999 has handed over us a plot No. 3/43 of 2000 sq.yds situated behind Ibrahim Villas Phase-I, Jamia Millia Road, Malir, Karachi.  And since then we are busy in this cause begging the mercy and benefaction of Allah.

Having light-up this candle, we do hope that other members of the society should also come forward to share this divine cause and illuminate their respective lamps. ALL WITH THE MERCIFULL POWER AND CAPABILITIES OF ALLAH