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Quran memorization

Being muslims, we are bound to follow the Sharia of the holy prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) For this nation, the Sharia is the basic principles and directives, which the Allah through last revealation i.e. QURAN has conveyed upon the prophet (p.b.u.h.).  To understand the meanings of any script, one has to first understand the words thereof. We ensure that the children before attaining their ages of understanding the principles and directives, should carefully remember and memorise the Quran as Quran is the constitution of ISLAM and we get it memorized.


Beside memorising Quran, children are also given new era education. The memorisation of Quran takes 3½ years thus  if any child goes on to be Scholar, Doctor, Engineer, Lawer, he will be late for 3½ years. To cover this period we manage to have the child completed his syllabus/middle simultaneously so that there should no age-barrier or limitation in his future struggles. What to say about any such late, we even manage to have him passed middle within four years alongwith memorisation of Quran.

Health Services

Due to gathering and residence of hundreds of children in one Madarsa, there is likelihood of contiguous/epidemic diseases, therefore a physician is always kept in Madarsa. Subject to availability of funds, the peoples beyond the Madarsa are also completely or partially provided medical treatment.


The Madrsa under its umbrella also provide limited help and support to the parentless girls and to those guardians who cannot afford marital expenses of their girls.


Keeping in view viral pollution, we also carry out tree plantation campaign, which include awareness and persuasion to the general public, tree plantation by the Madarsa and also to help the credible institutions engaged in this cause on priority basis.


People of newly created areas, being engaged in their homes, houses, are undergoing financial loans/burdens wherefor they are unable for construction of inevitably need of Mosques/Masjids, in this condition, the Madarsa provide fully or partly help subject to available funds.
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I have the honour and pleasure having visited Jamia tus Saqafat il Islamia, Karachi and participated in the consecrated event of memorization of holy Quran by two children and stone laying ceremony of religious building for women.  I was much delighted to know the ambitions and plans of (more…)

Abu Ammar Zahid-ul-Rashidi

Principle Jamia Nusrat-ul-Uloom, Gujranwala

An impressive small campus, very neat & clean.
Students are very disciplined & obedient, Teachers are committed to their duties. Hidayatullah Sahib has lot of plans for expansion & improvement.
I pray for success of the institute.


Director HEC Islamabad

Had the opportunity of attending  Jamia tus Saqafat il Islamia, Karachi, I very much pleased to see syllabus standard, discipline, schedule of time, hygienic and neatness. 250 students of recitation by sight of Quran including those upto 6th class are receiving free education. This Institution (more…)

Ata-Ullah Khan

The Imam, Oxford, U.K

I came to Jamia tus Saqafat il Islamia, Karachi and felt as if I am too late. Witnessed several national and international institutions but this institution captured a great of my best wishes and aspirations.  Finding no words to appreciate and recognize the standard and devotion of the organizer.  (more…)

Syed Faisal Nadeem


Today, had an opportunity of attending the most standardized religious/spiritual institution i.e. The Jamia tus Saqafatul Islamia. Visited the classes and delightfully witnessed the teenagers/youngsters busy in Memorization &  Recitation.  The students with all discipline, manners, (more…)

Muhammad Rahat Ali Hashmi

Administrator Educations Jamia Dar-ul-Uloom Karach

Molana Hidayatullah desired me to see/pay homage to his institution and I am glad to be here. Surprised to plenty of students, and the arrangement for them.  For the sake of desires/ambitions, of Molana, the unbridled success to the planning and programme, My whole-hearted  best wishes (more…)

Muhammad Naeem Swati

Oxford, U.K


Molana Hidayatullah Sadukhani


The Imam: Jamia Masjid Siddique-e-Akbar,
Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-3

Qari Himayatullah

General Secretary

Chairman: Khidmat-e-Alam Welfare Trust.
The Imam: Agha Khan University Hospital

Dr. Ishaq Alam


Asst. Professor faculty of Islamic Studies
University of Karachi

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With the mercy of ALLAH, another youngster student AHSAAN ULLAH s/o BILAL JAN memorized the Holy Quran, and became HAFIZ AHSAAN ULLAH.


With the mercy of ALLAH, youngster student MUAHAMMAD TAHIR s/o MUHAMMAD HUSSAIN memorized the Holy Quran, and became HAFIZ MUHAMMAD TAHIR.


With the mercy of ALLAH, two another youngster student SYED ABDUL RAFAY s/o ABDUS SAMAD and ZAKIR ULLAH s/o SAHIB RAZZAQ memorized the Holy Quran, and became HAFIZ .

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Progress report 2011-2018

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Message of the President

The formation and deformation of any society takes 25 years, in which our moral values play pivotal role. Peoples associated ever since the inception of any Educational or Business concern are always the founders thereof. If these creators of country/nation are not outfitted with the wisdom/doctrine of Allah, integrity, worship and good moral values, they will not be able to eradicate the disorder of the society. We out of our best resources, for the betterment of a society and the world as a whole, ambitious to ornate /habituate the new generation with the best qualities so that our descendants are prevented from the devastation of morality, and wisdom.
Molana Hidayatullah Sadukhani